Winter items such as jacket, coat, gloves, or even beanie are the most important pieces to keep you warm. So, have you prepared your winter outfit? Men’s attire is usually simpler than women. However, you should able to mix and match every single item to avoid a too busy look. Check out lists below about men’s winter street style that will inspire you!

For you who love to wear a skirt, you need to see a celebrity look to keep stylish. Rihanna shows us that wear a skirt doesn’t have to look flirty. She has unexpected ways to combine skirts with other clothes but truly dazzling. Check out these lists below to find inspiring outfits that will match with your character.

Are you looking for a great outfit to wear for this new year’s eve? You need to see some examples from celebrities. These men will show you how to look cool in your new year’s party this year. Follow their ways then you will appear like a superstar. Check out these inspiring ideas below!

It cannot be denied that your hairstyle gives a big impact on your appearance. Women tend to change their hairstyle periodically. But, some others change anytime they need it. They love to apply long hairs, bangs, and fringe. If you love to add fringe to your hair, here we have examples of rocking a fringe for an everyday basis and or formal occasion. Check out!