''The Road Not Taken'' Photo Call 70th Berlinale International Film Festival
''The Road Not Taken'' Photo Call 70th Berlinale International Film Festival

’80s-Inspired Pilgrim Collars That Are Quick And Easy To Incorporate Into Any Wardrobe

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There are more old items that are back this year. Since fashion trends will always change, we get the news that pilgrim collars will become a huge trend as well. Don’t think too hard because this collar will be easy to combine with any wardrobe. So, you are free to mix and match your style. If you are curious about this trend, check out our lists below to see how the collars look amazing.

In Floral Look


Look at the girl in this picture that looks so pretty with a floral dress. Then, the pilgrim collars complete this dress retro tone. She combines it well with white heels. Though it looks so sweet. However, you may add jewelry items as well to appear more attractive.

Statement-Making With Button-Downs


This woman’s look with a statement-making button-downs top will upgrade your style. She pairs it well with a pleated skirt in a neutral color. The striped patterns will never outdated since you are able to mix and match to look more powerful.

With Longer Collars


In this picture, we are given a fantastic look at a woman with a dark dress. What makes it so attractive is that the longer collars. Surprisingly, it is combined well with green long shocks and wedges. What a cool style is this!

Pops Against a Simple Outfit


What do you think about this style? The woman in this picture shows a nice look with a brown dress, white shirt in white oversized collars. She also adds a dark brown sweater. Then, it has silver knee- boots as well.

Perfect Way to Embrace the ’80s


The dress with beige collars and contrast colored sleeves in this picture perfectly embraces the ‘80s style. She wears golden flat shoes that look so glamour. Her handbag completes all in a simple way. For the one who adores ‘80s style, this might be the best look.

Wear It With Everyday Jeans


If you want to wear pilgrim collars top for a formal look, see this picture. The woman wears a striped shirt with white collars that combined very well with jeans. This is a nice look for Friday. So simple but timeless.

Pair It With Shorts


This girl wears a black shirt with pilgrim collars for a street style. She combines it with purple shorts, you can wear other colors as you like. Then, she brings her contrast colored bag. Finish with sneakers or heels as needed.


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