Celebrity Looks With Headband That Totally Cool And Inspiring

Celebrity Looks With Headband That Totally Cool And Inspiring

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It is not only for kids, but headbands can also be worn by adults too. If you want to wear a headband to complete your style, see from these celebrities styles below. They wear it without looking like a child. There are various headbands that will upgrade your appearance. Started from the old one that comes from the ‘80s till the newest one.

A Headband-Wearing Queen

A Headband Wearing Queen

Jessica Alba shows us how she wears a headband but totally cool. She combines it with her feathery dress with pearl embellished version to looks modern and attractive. She looks like a queen with this style. Awesome!

A Solid-Color Headband

A Solid Color Headband

Look at this style by Busy Philipps with a headband that has a similar color with her dress lines. To create this amazing look, you have to be careful in choosing the color combination. So, it will not look too crowded.

Kaia Gerber’s Style

Kaia Gerber's Style

Here is how to wear a headband with a simple style but attractive. Combines your headband with neutral colored-clothes. Kaia has a V-neck navy shirt and grey pants. She finishes her style by wearing sneakers.

A Knotted Red Headband

A Knotted Red Headband

Dare to try a new style this year? What about wearing a contrast headband after a matching shirt and culottes. Emma Roberts shows us that she looks pretty with her simple style. No more jewelry items needed anymore.

Salma Hayek’s Style

Salma Hayek's Style

What about wearing a headband for going to work? Of course, it is possible. Salma Hayek shows us that she looks professional with an all-black attire. You will love her necklace that completes her style very well.

Zendaya’s Style

Zendaya's Style

Just be ready to become the most attractive women with a bright color headband. Zendaya wears the same color headband and dress that truly awesome. She finishes her style by wearing white shoes and a watch. Even, her earrings with big pearls are totally cool.

With Leopard Headband

With Leopard Headband

If you are looking for a tremendous street style, copy this look by Poppy Delevingne. She has a graphic sweater with boyfriend jeans and sneakers. Her leopard headband looked nice for her blond hair.

’80s Headband

’80s Headband

Bella Hadid wins the day by wearing an old headband with all-white attire. Look at her cropped top that makes her sexy. This style works best for the one who wants to go to get more exercise. What do you think?




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